architectural design

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At Caldotec, we specialise in sympathetic and refined architectural designs that are sought by our clients. Between the dedicated members of staff on our team, we have experience in a wide variety of architectural projects; from small, intricate porch designs, cost-effective loft conversions and extensions, all the way through to substantial nursing care home refurbishments, Grade II* Listed Building alterations, and major housing developments. Our experience in this multitude of areas allows us to advise our clients on the most appropriate route which is required to ensure their project is delivered successfully, including which statutory permissions are required – such as Planning Permission and Building Control Approval.

3D Design & Imaging


In addition to the 2D working drawings which are a requirement for the Local Authorities, we have the capability to provide hand-drawn or computer-generated 3D images of our designs which can prove invaluable for those who are not familiar with reading architectural drawings. We have the expertise to be able to provide artistic impressions, contextual perspective drawings, or photo-realistic images to suit any of the projects we deal with, large or small.

Health & Safety Services


In April 2015, there was an update to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations which affects the health and safety aspects of the construction industry. This largely affected the responsibilities of clients, designers and contractors of smaller, residential projects. We are now in an excellent position of being able to confidently act as Principal Designer for all of our projects and advise our clients and contractors of their own responsibilities, having previously been in a position to act as CDM Coordinators and are NEBOSH certified in Construction Safety & Health. In 2017, Liz was accepted as an Associate Member of the Association for Project Safety demonstrating the next level of professional competence in the field of project safety.

Project Managment


We are able to offer a comprehensive and considerate project management service for both residential and commercial clients, which allows us to deliver our projects through to completion. We are able to tailor this service entirely to the project where we will be able to control the time and budget constraints. In connection with our network of trusted consultants, we are able to develop full specifications, organise tender processes, carry out contract administration, and oversee the build process whilst monitoring the programme, timescales and budget.


“…delivered on time and within the agreed budget. Since parts of the building and the internal renovation work were complicated, good coordination and communication between all the parties was required and this was excellently organised by Caldotec who also gave fast replies for our questions.” – Client, August 2017

Feasibility Studies

Caldotec can provide prospective developers with a feasibility study to advise, in the initial stages, on the viability of a site for development. The study will ascertain the potential size and nature of any potential development, whilst also assisting in identifying whether any such development would be financially viable.


Included within the feasibility packages are items such as: –

  • Planning advice and assessment;
  • Conceptual site plans;
  • Basic budgets for the project;
  • Calculations and estimates of prospective Gross Development Value.


If deemed to be viable, Caldotec can develop the scheme by providing plans for the next stages of the project, to include drawings and documentation suitable for Planning Applications, Building Regulation applications, specifications, tender packages and project management services.

Land Registry Compliant Plans

Our expertise and accuracy in providing architectural drawings also allows us to provide scaled drawings suitable to comply with Land Registry requirements for lease and title plans. We have been able to provide a number of land registry compliant plans in recent years for solicitors, land owners and landlords alike, working with Ordnance Survey plans for various sized properties: from small, individual flats, to large plots of land and commercial premises